HSE Policy

HSE Policy


Tan Phat Long Engineering Corporation always pay attention to Safety, Health and Environment issues of all employees and related partners by specific actions:

1. Strict implementation of safety, health and environment regulations


Safety, health and environment issues are always given top priority. We always arrange a sufficient number of personnel to ensure safety, health and the environment work. Furthermore, our employees strictly abide by safety, health and environment regulations.

2. Clear assignment of responsibilities between levels to ensure the implementation of safety, health and environmental regulations

We issue safety regulations and take measures to ensure they are strictly enforced. The monitoring, checking and reporting on the implementation of safety, health and environmental procedures are clearly assigned between management levels and relevant responsible people.

3. Constantly updating safety procedures and training officials and employees.

We constantly seek to improve the safety, health and environment for the purpose of building a friendly, safe working environment for employees which is also socially responsible. Tan Phat Long’s safety regulations comply with the requirements of standards issued by law as well as international standards. Training on employee safety is held regularly.


4. Encouraging the participation in safety work

We support individuals who contribute to the improvement of safety, health and environment systems as well as give warnings about behaviors and risks that cause the loss of safety during project implementation.