Quality Management

Quality Management

Since our establishment, Tan Phat Long Engineering Corporation has focused on promulgating and applying quality policies in order to provide customers with high quality products and services, meeting strict technical criteria with appropriate cost and on schedule.

Our commitments to quality is reflected by:

1. Focus on  quality of human resources

nhan su noi bo

Tan Phat Long always focuses on recruiting and training a team of experienced engineers, designers, project supervisors, project managers who always abide by our quality process during the construction of the projects. Our personnel is constantly learning and improving skills as well as applying new knowledge and technology to increasingly improve the quality of works.

2. Cooperating with reputable partners

We appreciate the cooperation with reputable suppliers and subcontractors who both have construction capacity and fully comply with quality regulations.

3. Quality control of input materials

dich vu chat luong tot

We always select construction and technical materials of clear origin and quality, with specifications suitable to the requirements of the investor and ensure the quality of the projects.

4. Compliance with laws, regulations, standards, industry-specific standards and quality management systems of international standards

The construction process is constantly improved and complies with the laws, industry-specific regulations and international standards from selection of input materials, technical plans, construction schedules, labor safety and environmental protection regulations to risk reduction plans during the construction of the project.

This policy will be reviewed annually and revised according to the actual operation situation, and widely propagated throughout the company, and disseminated to our customers, suppliers and related parties.

Thanh Nguyen.

Chairman/General Director.