06 Jul 2019

On the afternoon of July 5th, 2019, the main contractor Tan Phat Long coordinate with representative of  the Owner- DKSH Vietnam; Representative of    consultant -Raga Kolsult; Representatives of subcontractors and nearly 100 workers Organized the ceremony to achieve the milestone of 100,000 man hours of safety at DKSH HEC # 2 Warehouse Renovation Project -VSIP I - DKSH Vietnam Co., Ltd.,

DKSH HEC # 2 Warehouse Renovation Project -VSIP I officially started on Jan 17th , 2019, TPL is the main contractor, being consulted by Raga Kolsult. With the commitment to ensure health, safety and environment from commencement day to completion time, after 5 months of construction with an average of 80 workers / day, TPL has complied, maintained HSE seriously as the initial commitment to the investor. On behalf of Tan Phat Long Engineering Corp, Board of project management gave a lot of gifts at the ceremony in order to encourage all workers after a long time of working hard.

To achieve achievements at present, TPL sincerely thanks for the coordination and support of Owner, consultant, and subcontractors as well as believe in our long-term, sustainable cooperation in the future.

Here are some photos from the ceremony: