03 Feb 2020

After the Lunar New Year holiday, on the morning of February 3, 2020 (i.e. the tenth day of the first lunar month), the Board of Directors and all officials and employees of Tan Phat Long Engineering Corporation held a new year opening ceremony to celebrate the New Year at the Transaction Office in District 2, the production factory and all the on-going projects of the Company.

In the joyful atmosphere on the first day of work after the Tet holiday, all officials and employees are determined to work hard for a year of breakthrough success in 2020. Looking back at the year 2019, despite the difficult economic situation, the Board of Directors always made every effort to ensure timely and adequate salary, bonus and welfare policies for officials and employees; creating motivation to work and reassure them at work. On the opening day of Spring 2020, the Board of Directors personally gave lucky money to all the officials and employees and made a toast for the New Year with good health and prosperity.

Finally, in the context of unpredictable developments of the 2019-nCov virus outbreak, the Board of Directors also recommended that all officials and employees follow the workplace disease prevention measures; ensuring their own and colleagues' health.