16 Feb 2019

On 14th Feb, 2019 (10th Jan on the Lunar Calender), Tan Phat Long Engineering Corporation (TPL) of directors with all officers and employees held New year’s ceremory 2019 at transaction office – District 2 and production factory – District 9. Project management Units, also organized this ceremory for all engineers and workes at their own sites before.

The first day of the year was a time for all TPL’s members to get together and wish them a peaceful, happy year other than the purpose of reporting the Gods. After the New year’s ceremory, there was a wine opening ceremony to welcome the spring, all officers and employees made a toast for a new year with many successes and breakthroughts. A indispensable of the New year’s ceremory was a tradition of receiving lucky money for Directors to all members, which brought much happiness and smiles in spring atmosphere.

The following are some of pictures from the ceremory:

Lucky money for an lucky year!