Construction of MEPF System

Construction of MEPF System

With a large number of skilled workers and many years of experience in the construction and installation of MEPF systems, Tan Phat Long is capable of constructing all MEPF systems in factories, high buildings, trade centers and other special complex works.

Major MEPF systems constructed and installed by Tan Phat Long Engineering Corporation include:

  • Air conditioner and ventilation system

  • Cold storage and industrial refrigeration system

  • Thermal network and steam boiler system

  • Electrodynamic system

  • Automatic and ELV (Extra Low Voltage) system

  • Fire prevention system

  • IT, data- tel and server infrastructure

  • Plumbing system and infrastructure

  • Generators, medium voltage electrical systems, substations

  • Date: 2021.04.Wed