16 Jan 2020

Joining the atmosphere of the whole country to welcome spring, In January 11th 2020, Tan Phat Long Engineering Corporation organized a year end party to say goodbye 2019 and welcome the new year 2020. The event was honorably welcomed the BODs, all employees and their family. It maybe the only occasion for all employees who are working in the office and working at site to meet, exchange work  and share experience... The party took place in a warmly and friendly atmosphere, delicious food and many funny programs. This is also an opportunity to gratitude from the BODs to all the employees who have made great efforts to contribute sustainable development for Tan Phat Long.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Nguyen Truc Thanh - Chairman / General Director of Tan Phat Long praised the achievements that Tan Phat Long has achieved in 2019 : 9 packages with 5 projects including Greencoco , Batico, Tiger Drylac, Siegwerk, Olam project.  The revenue is higher than the initial plan, expanded the business scope, organize the 10th anniversary of the company's establishment successfully. On the occasion of the year end party, He send  sincere thanks to all employees after a year of hard working, and honoring the outstanding individuals and collectives in the past year.

Making fun of the party is a exciting music program, organized and performed by TPL’s members. Besides, company organized lucky drawing program for employee - the show brought suspenseful, exciting and happy moment to attendees.

The year-end party 2019  closed with proud and regrettable, but above all, the joy of meeting, chatting, and cheering to congratulate the overall success of the company. The Lunar New Year 2020 is coming, We would like to send the best wishes to all employees:

Wish thousand of things to your liking

 Ten thousand of things as your dream

 Million of supprising things

 Billion of happiness

 Happy new year!