29 Jul 2018

On 25-27/07/2018, TPL held a Teambuilding program combine with leisure travel for all Tan Phat Long’s employees at TTC Resort- Ninh Chu, Ninh Thuan. Attending the activities were presentatives of Tan Phat Long’s Board of Director and partners, clients.

Teambuilding activity is held annually in order to connect solidary spirit of all employees in TPL company. Go the extra mile of BOD, nearly 100 employees come from different departments, closest partners and clients consensus to pass over all challenges. 

Outstanding point of this journey is sexy and luxury of outdoor party and pool party. In addition, attending the party is professional dancers to make the party more exciting with mini games and effervescent dances.

Beside team activities, by  visiting to famous locations in Phan Rang such as Cham Brocade in My Nghiep village, Vinh Hy Bay… All members have the chance to experience traditional cultures, visit magnificent landscapes and enjoy native foods.

The trip was really happily, to bring into play the slogan "Work hard- Play hard”  of all TPL’s members. Board of director hope that TPL’s members keep it as their memory and develop themselves such as the topic of the trip “Self assertion - Breakthrough inovations”, expect to 10 years of Tan Phat Long establishing anniverasy (2009-2019).